Meet Olivia

I’m a serial grocery shopper, who religiously meal plans, and LOVES meal prep. I also enjoy not having to think about dinner on a daily basis thanks to meal planning & prepping. I envision being able to provide an easy, economical way for families to enjoy home-cooked meals while decreasing dinner time stress. I hope that with the newfound extra time people will be able to enjoy more time doing what they love, with those they love.

5 Facts about Olivia:

  1. I’m also the owner of GoPrep and we do freezer meal prep parties. Say goodbye to meal planning, grocery shopping, touching raw meat, AND lengthy kitchen clean up!!
  2. I was a 2nd Grade French Immersion teacher and loved that job but stopped to spend time with my baby.
  3. I’ve lived in every region in the United States. Arizona is my favorite place I’ve lived because of the weather.
  4. I love the details about people’s lives. I like to know what you ate for breakfast, what you are packing on your trip, and the stories about your life. It fascinates me.
  5. Color coding is my outlet. You’ll probably notice that as I share pictures from my life.

Success! 7 Night of Dinners Coming Your Way!